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108 Shop near Naiyang Beach, Phuket His Majesty the King's 80th birthday
At 05 December 2007: Celebrations of His Majesty the King's 80th birthday
Don't pay a fortune: ECO Guesthouse near Naiyang Beach, Phuket

6 Nov 2006: New safety regulations for hand luggage
As of 6 November 2006, new safety regulations for hand luggage apply to all departures and onward flights from EU airports as well as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland in order to meet the requirements of the revised, EU-wide Security Regulations. Liquids, gels and sprays not exceeding 100 ml per container are allowed to be carried in the hand luggage. These items must be packed all together in one transparent, re-sealable plastic bag with a maximum one litre capacity. One bag is permitted per person. The exceptions are baby food (if children are also traveling), special dietary requirements (e.g. for medical purposes) and medication that passengers need during the flight. For medicines and dietary products a medical confirmation or a prescription have to be carried along.

Laptops and electronic equipment such as mobile phones, mp3 players, digital cameras as well as jackets and coats will be screened separately at the security controls. Liquids, sprays and gels that are purchased in a duty free shop at an European airport or on board of an aircraft registered in the EU will be handed out to the passenger in a sealed plastic bag, in which it has to be transported.
Nov. 2006: Center Point Naiyang Village ready to work
  Center Point Naiyang Village Phuket Center Point Naiyang Village Phuket  

December 2006: Up to date pictures of ECO Guesthouse
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, king size beds
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, sofa, fridge, TV
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, wash basin
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, hot shower, flush toilette
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, breakfast terrace
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, sunny garden
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, owner Janchai Srisanga Nong
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, tropical garden
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, shady garden
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, orchid garden
ECO guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, our friend Heinz Billenstein
16 December 2006: 2nd anniversary of Tsunami
Our friend Heinz Billenstein from Germany wrote by SMS:
"TODAY is 2nd anniversary of Tsunami. I never forget your words ON HILL. SAFETY. Sign of life by SMS. God bless you, Nong. As ever, Birgit & Bill."

Thanks, Birgit and Bill!

29 December 2006: Black bread German style
is now available in 108 Shop. Come around and try it!

20 - 21 February, 2007: Chinese New Year
  Phuket Chinese New Year  

3 March, Makha Pucha
On 3 March is one of Thailand's most important Buddhist celebrations, Makha Pucha. Falling on the full moon of the third lunar month, the event marks the occasion when the Buddha first recited the rules of the monks and also announced that he would pass away in three months. Many people go to their local monastery on the night of Makha Pucha to take part in a candle-lit procession that circles the Ubosoth (Ordination Hall) three times.
  Ubosoth Wat Choeng Thale, Phuket
Ubosoth of Wat Choeng Thale

March 2007: Obsequies for Dead Abbot of Wat Naiyang
to be hold from 7 - 13 March.
  obsequies for dead abbot of wat naiyang, phuket  
obsequies for dead abbot of wat naiyang, phuket

March 2007: Annual Festival 2007 of the Two Heroines
to be hold from 11 - 13 March.
  festival in honor of the 2 heroines  

March 2007: Additional Equipment at ECOG
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, Internet access
Internet Access
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, protecting curtain
Protecting Curtain

For the convenience of our guests we installed 2 additional features:
1.) An Internet access by a new wireless connection to CAT (Communication Authority of Thailand) with 230 kbit / sec.
2.) A curtain in all 3 rooms between the air condition unit and the bed. Closing the curtain you may let run the airco during night and will not suffer by a cold air stream.

March 2007: Hanuman harvesting coconuts
in neighbor's garden
eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, hanuman harvesting coconuts eco guesthouse, naiyang, phuket, monkey harvesting coconuts

Songkran, 13 - 15 April, the Thai New Year Festival
The date of the opening of the New Year is 13 April, but the occasion is celebrated over three days. Even though the official New Year date is 1 January, Thai people still celebrate the traditional period with considerable more enthusiasm.
Mid-April is a logical time for farming people to celebrate a new year because it comes at an important change in the seasons. The very hot, dry weather is just about over by then and the beginning of cooler and wetter weather is not far off. The change in the environment at about that time is considerable. The period also comes at the end of the rice-growing cycle, when one rice harvest has been gathered in and the new crop has not yet been planted.

24 November 2007: Loi Krathong Festival
At full moon in November is the Loi Krathong festival, a gentle and beautiful festival, concerned with inner reflection. Loi means "to float" and a krathong is a small boat. The little boats are usually circular. The base is a slice of banana palm, cut straight across the stem, and then banana leaves are used to make the sides of the boat. In the center each carries a candle, an incense stick, flowers and sometimes a small coin.

An explanation for the festival is that it is a way of making offerings to Mae Kong Ka, the goddess of water, to thank her for allowing the donor to make use of the water over the past year. The gifts of light, incense and money also atone for any pollution the donor may have caused to the water. As the krathong floats away, the sins of the donor are carried away with it.

The origins of the festival are obscure. Probably it originated in the old Sukhothai kingdom about 700 years ago.
  Loi Krathong, krathongs for carrying away our sins
Krathongs for carrying away our sins

2007: Thai@Siam Restaurant established
In 2007 the Swiss-Thai couple Frey established a gourmet restaurant at Naiyang village, on the road to Indigo Pearl Hotel, just opposite to ECO Guesthouse.
  Thai@Siam Restaurant at Naiyang village
Thai@Siam Restaurant at Naiyang Village opposite to ECOG

February 2008: HKT's Terminal-2 opened
  Terminal-2 of Phuket airport HKT
Terminal-2 of Phuket International Airport HKT

November 2008: A small apartment established
  ECOG, small apartment, bedroom, protecting curtain
Small Apartment (kuti): Bedroom with Protecting Curtain

April 2009: Novices at Wat Naiyang
  Novices at Wat Naiyang
Novices at Wat Naiyang

November 2009:
New saltwater pool and its open sala ready
  New pool at ECOG
New Saltwater Pool (9 x 4 x 1,20) m at ECOG ...
New pool at ECOG
  New pool and open sala at ECOG
... and its Open Sala

December 2009: 3 new bungalows established behind ECOG's garden
Wattana's bungalows at Naiyang Village, Phuket
The left blue buildings are ...
Wattana's bungalows at Naiyang Village, Phuket
... the bungalows

February 2010: Non-paying guests at ECOG I
  Tomcat Garfield at ECOG's garden
Tomcat Garfield at ECOG's Garden

February 2010: Non-paying guests at ECOG II
  ECOG's Garden: A Birds' Paradise
ECOG's Garden: A Birds' Paradise

28 March 2010: A-380 starts service SIN - ZRH - SIN
From 28 March 2010 Singapore Airlines operates daily flights between Singapore and Zürich using the double-decker jet A-380.

Here is the timetable:
SIN 01:10 08:00 ZRH
ZRH 12:00 06:05 SIN
Connecting flights from and to Phuket HKT by SilkAir and other airlines.
  Airbus A-380 operated by Singapore Airlines
Airbus A-380

13 April 2553 / 2010: Songkran, the Thai New Year
  Songkran 2010
Songkran 2553 / 2010

15 April 2010: Volcano Eruption at Iceland
Air traffic in Northern and Central Europe suspended
  volcano eruption Iceland
The column of smoke after the volcanic eruption increased more than eleven kilometers in the air. Photo: REUTERS.

April 2010: FuFu, Garfield's son emerged in ECOG's garden
"FuFu is son of Mr. Garfield. He visits me today. I show you by photos that he is more friendly. When I call him, he comes suddenly and touches his body to my legs. And I can touch him. Not same Mr. Garfield. But Mr. Garfield looks more lovely." Garfield junior
FuFu, Garfield's son in ECOG's Garden

June 2010: ECOG's New Signboard
  ECOG's new signboard
ECOG's New Signboard, June 2010

June 2010: Two More Rooms for the ECOG in Planning
We could buy the house next door, which is directly adjacent to the west of ECOG's plot of land. Following the market, we decided to set up two more rooms and offer them in the near future to our guests. They well be pretty much in size and equipment corresponding to those of the ECOG.
2 more new rooms at ECOG
June 2010: Two More Rooms for the ECOG in Planning
  Lantana blossoms in ECOG's garden
July 2010: Lantana Blossoms in ECOG's Garden

August 2010: Renovations at ECOG
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09 August 2010
renovation work at ECOG
Renovations at ECOG, August 2010

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