Information For My Guests

Heartily welcome - Sawadee kaa - in my ECO Guesthouse.
This information should help you to have a pleasant stay.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Check-In / Check-Out Check-in time at arrival day is 15:00 / 3:00 pm;
check-out time at departure day is 12:00 noon.
Daily cleaning time: We need 1 hour per room.
Pls give us a chance to enter your room
between 11:00 - 14:30.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, No dogs Sorry! For reasons of hygiene and as a courtesy to other guests I do not agree dogs or other pets to be taken along into the guestrooms.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Breakfast, Courtesy Ross Guldenbrein We serve your breakfast from 7:00-10:00 at the garden terrace. 3 kinds of breakfast are available:
*American style*: Toast, butter, jam, eggs any style,
   ham, bacon, sausages.
*Asian style*: Rice soup or fried rice,
   noodle soup or fried noodles.
*European style*: Bread, butter, jam, cheese,
   ham, bacon, cornflakes, muesli.
*Additionally*: Orange or pineapple juice, fresh fruit,
   coffee or tea, milk or hot chocolate,
   yogurt at your choice.
   Please check your wishes with our
   breakfast service or with me.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, additional service Additionally to our breakfast service we offer hot water, tea, coffee, creamer and sugar. Please serve yourself in the garden terrace.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Room Key Please leave your room key at cashier's desk in the shop if returning before 22:30. In other case please care yourself about the key.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Switch off Leaving your room please switch off lights, air condition and fan.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Way to the Beach,  Courtesy Ross Guldenbrein Please do not take along room's shower-towel onto the beach. Use the special beach-towel instead.
Your way to the beach: At guesthouse's exit turn left, follow the street until Indigo Pearl's main entrance. On its right you will find a narrow path. Enter it and proceed until Naiyang Beach.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Payday Long-term residents are kindly requested to pay in weekly periods. Sorry! We only accept cash payment in Thai Baht.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, telephone for long-distance calls A telephone for long-distance calls is located close to the blue table in the entrance area of the open lobby. Telephone cards (300 Baht each) available in the 108 Shop.
With 001809 a cheap prefix number is available. Let follow the country and area codes (without signs and zeros) as well as the participant number.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, laundry, Courtesy Ross Guldenbrein Washing-machines are at your disposal under my private house. Please appeal to my housekeeper or me for a convenient date. Fee is 80 Baht, washing-powder included. Drying-area is close to the guesthouse, self-service requested.
travel service ECOT My Travel Service ECOT cares about:
* Booking of accommodation at chosen lodgings;
* Hiring a longtail boat for a snorkeling trip;
* Hiring a taxi for guided tours;
* Tickets for an excursion "Sea Canoeing";
* Tickets for boats to Lanta, Krabi, PhiPhi;

Pls ask me for prices and my fees.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Information, Courtesy Ross Guldenbrein Do not hesitate to contact me for more information about points of interest, rental vehicles, (self-)guided tours, travel agencies, restaurants, shopping, golfing and diving, massages, embassies and consulates, ... At my website, chapters "Excursions" and "Travel Service ECOT" you will find a choice of proposals.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Newspapers Newspapers in English language are
available in my shop, namely:

* Bangkok Post (Monday - Saturday),
* Phuket Gazette (weekly).

ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Internet Access Internet Access by our ADSL / WLAN connections
* Free of charge for
   ECOG's guests (max. 1/2 hour per day).
* Fees for other customers:
   01 - 15 min:60 Baht;
   16 - 30 min:120 Baht;
   31 - 60 min:240 Baht.
Password by me. Paying in advance kindly requested.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, a safe in every room A Safe in Your Room
Please use the small safe in your room for the storage of money and valuables. The operating instruction is in your information folder. We ask for your understanding that we do not assume any liability for money and valuables left unattended in the room.

Optional Third Party Services for ECOG's Guests

ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Airport Bus The Airport Bus runs between the airport and Phuket downtown. Next bus stop is situated just 250 m from here at the T-junction of our village road and H 4031. A timetable is in your folder.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Airport Transfer, Courtesy Ross Guldenbrein Airport transfer
Please let me know 1 day in advance if needing a taxi. Fixed price is 200 Baht.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, motor bike rental Motor bike rental
Daily fees are:
150 Baht with manual gear,
200 Baht with automatic gear,
but without monkey.
A few rental locations nearby available.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, laundry service, Courtesy Natalie Rans If you want to charge a local laundry and pressing service we drop your laundry there and pick it up with pleasure. The price is 60 Baht per one way. We ask for your understanding that we do not assume any liability for these services of a third party.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, indoor massage Enjoy an oil massage in your room's privacy. You may choose the room's temperature as you like it, no noise disturbs you. Our fee is 500 Baht for 60 minutes, fresh laundry included. Pls let me know some hours in advance for ordering a (lady) massager.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, baby sitting Baby sitting
Pls let me know at booking date or around 1 week in advance if needing a person for caring about your baby or infant. Our fee is 450 Baht for up to 3 hours, each additional hour +120 Baht. We ask for your understanding that we do not assume any liability for this service of a third person.
Thai@Siam Restaurant Dinner Delivery Service
Thai@Siam Restaurant is a gourmet restaurant with exquisite Thai cuisine, situated just diagonally opposite the ECOG, an oasis of hospitality. But in such cases, where our guests prefer to dine on our terrace, the Thai@Siam offers a delivery service. Please order yourself at their restaurant and make an agreement about the time of delivery.
Money exchange Money exchange
Exchange counters are available at the airport (2 banks with the same rates) and at Central Festival, Phuket Town (6 or more counters with different rates), ATMs at the airport, at Naiyang Beach, at Central Festival and at several (touristic) places at Phuket Town.
Thai phone card for mobile phone SIM cards and top-up cards
Using your own mobile phone together with a SIM card of a Thai telephone company is the most convenient and cheapest method for phoning home during your stay at Phuket. The price of a SIM card with a Thai phone number is 120 Baht (available in our 108 Shop), the price for a top-up card 300 Baht. You may check your credit before and after a long distance call. So you are able to limit your telephone budget.
ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Bangkok-Phuket-Hospital ECO Guesthouse, Naiyang, Phuket, Phuket-International-Hospital In case of any sickness you may appeal to Bangkok-Phuket-Hospital and / or to Phuket International Hospital, both with modern equipment and connected pharmacy. Conversation in English possible, paying (cash or credit card) requested before leaving.

Emergency numbers:
Bangkok-Phuket Hospital:1719
Phuket International Hospital:076-21 09 35
Internet access by DSL at TUS Internet Internet-Access by DSL at:

* TUS Internet, near ECOG, 100 m right.
   Moderate prices;

* Phuket Airport
   01 - 15 min:100 Baht
   16 - 30 min:200 Baht
   31 - 60 min:300 Baht
I wish you an enjoyable stay tempting to return once again to
Nong's ECO Guesthouse.
Janchai Srisanga

ECO Guesthouse