Diving near Naiyang Beach

108 Shop near Naiyang Beach, Phuket Sea turtle in Phuket's home waters; courtesy James Becker
Sea Turtle in Phuket's Home Waters. Photo: James Becker
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Lots of dive sites are known around Phuket Island. A choice of them can be reached easily by longtail boat starting at Naiyang Beach:

  •  The Naiyang Reefs, situated within Sirinat National Park, most of them in the northern part. The divers call them by names which suggest phantasy and adventure: Turtle Field, Stone Reef Garden, Barracuda Point, Barracuda Channel, Monkey Rock, and Shark Point. To be reached by boat within 10 - 20 minutes.
  •  Waeo Island and
  •  a tin dredger's wreck near Bang Tao (Fishing village Tao).
Bali plongée Safari
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Rotfeuerfisch / Red Lion Fish
Rotfeuerfisch / Red Lion Fish
Bali Scuba Diving Courses, Holiday Packages
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A frequent guest of ECOG
visited these dive sites several times. He writes:

"A special highlight is Stone Coral Garden, not far away from the small island at beach's south end which gets dry during low tide. Dives down to 17 meters are possible between phantastic (!!!!) formations of rocks. Numerous population of fish, trigger fishes, octopuses, red lion fishes, rays, morays, sharks ... "


"My suggestion: The island of Waeo, a real jewel of a dive site, is only a 30 minutes' boat trip away. Every friend of diving will be delighted. A phantastically colored sea world, soft and hard corals, innumerable shoals of fish, big fishes, ... Dives until 30 m are possible there."

And more:

"A tin dredger's wreck lies near Bang Tao at 15 m depth, to be reached by longtail boat within 40 minutes. Temperature of water is about 30 °C / 86 °F year round. That's a place for "easy diving"!
Being back from diving there is a debriefing in several different languages. And afterwards: It's only a short way to a shady place for relaxing and dreaming or to have a drink at a beach bar.
Gut Luft !"

Valid CSS! A lobster in Phuket's Home Waters. Photo: James Becker
A green (?!) lobster in Phuket's Home Waters. Photo: James Becker

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