Naiyang Beach at Phuket Island, Thailand

108 Shop near Naiyang Beach, Phuket Map of northern part of Phuket Island
Northern Part of Phuket Island
Don't pay a fortune: ECO Guesthouse near Naiyang Beach, Phuket
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Naiyang Beach is situated in the northwest of Phuket Island, just a five minute drive from the airport. The beach is 4 kilometers long and you can walk north along the shore to Mai Khao beach, which stretches a further 6 kilometres.

Link to an airview of Naiyang Beach, Phuket, Google Earth Airview-2
Shady area of Naiyang Beach, Phuket

Parts of Naiyang beach lie within Sirinat National Park where the lush, untamed vegetation provides shade and makes the beach area even more beautiful and inviting. The National Park's coral reef is situated in both deep and shallow water, providing endless adventure for divers and snorkellers alike. During November and December every year, hundreds of tortoises come ashore here to lay their eggs in the sand.

Palm trees at south end of Naiyang Beach, Phuket

Naiyang beach is quiet and attracts people who like a natural setting. Here we only have 2 big hotels and a few small resorts, bungalows, guesthouses, shops and restaurants. The local people are friendly, and eager to welcome visitors from abroad.

Plan of Naiyang Beach Area, Phuket
AM Adamas
EC ECO Guesthouse
Hyatt (u. con.)
IP Indigo Pearl
AC Airport Club
TS Thai @ Siam
Naiyang Beach, Phuket, courtesy James Becker Naiyang Beach, Phuket, courtesy James Becker
Naiyang Beach, Phuket, courtesy James Becker
Naiyang Beach is ...
Naiyang Beach, Phuket, courtesy James Becker
... not overcrowded
Beach bars
Car rental
Cook shops
Dive center
Excursions by boat
Foot care
Motorbike rental
Public restrooms
Travel Agencies
Nautica Divers, Naiyang Beach, Phuket
Nautica Divers
Roma Italian Restaurant, Naiyang Beach, Phuket
Roma Italian Restaurant
#4 Seafood Restaurant, car & motorbike rental at Naiyang Beach, Phuket
#4 Seafood Restaurant
Hyatt, Naiyang Beach, Phuket
Hyatt under construction
Orchid, ECO Guesthouse Naiyang, Phuket You should visit us between November and April because in this period there is very little rain. The beach is clean, the water clear, beach chairs and umbrellas available, the sunshine pure. Because the view from the beach is towards the west, every evening brings another spectacular sunset. Orchid, ECO Guesthouse Naiyang, Phuket
Sunset-1 Naiyang Beach, Phuket

Many of the tourists who have been here come back year after year. They appreciate the convenient transport, the happy, friendly people, the safe, peaceful community, the relaxed, unhurried pace of living, the natural beauty and the sensible prices. I hope that you will visit us soon. Then you will see that Naiyang is heaven on earth.

Khun Lee & Siloh, Naiyang Beach, Phuket Sunset-2 Naiyang Beach, Phuket. Courtesy Steve Hopkins Nong & Siloh, Naiyang Beach, Phuket
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I am sure you will be impressed and come back again and again.

Best regards,
Mrs Janchai Srisanga.

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